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Athena Manufacturing Announces Rebrand, Changes Name to A3D Manufacturing

The company’s new brand identity embodies its years of expertise and revolutionary manufacturing solutions.
July 24, 2023

PHOENIX (July 24, 2023) – Today, Athena Manufacturing, an additive manufacturing company, rebranded as A3D Manufacturing with a new logo, look and tagline to introduce new possibilities for its customers and business.

As A3D Manufacturing, the company can serve customers beyond Phoenix, providing years of expertise and turnkey 3D manufacturing solutions to a national market. Its new logo, look and tagline, “Where Ideas Take Shape,” embodies its continued commitment to bringing cutting-edge products to customers and transforming abstract concepts into tangible solutions.

“Rebranding as A3D Manufacturing will open many more possibilities for us,” said Jon Toews, Senior Vice President of A3D Manufacturing. “It allows us to continuously evaluate our mission and add bleeding-edge technologies and expertise to our portfolio, so our customers can harness these new capabilities to grow their business. A3D Manufacturing is truly where ideas take shape.”

This rebranding allows A3D Manufacturing to provide a more exceptional customer experience from prototype to production. Customers have trusted A3D Manufacturing to offer precision custom parts and meet specifications and speed to market. They can expect the same processes, standards and high-quality products and services that bring their innovations to life.

A3D Manufacturing has been a leading innovator in 3D manufacturing, specializing in creating custom plastic and metal components since 2019. The company will continue to be a key certified 3D printing service provider, serving industries like aerospace, military and defense, life science, transportation and consumer products.

Its new brand identity now captures the company’s constant drive to move forward, push boundaries and seek new manufacturing possibilities. It symbolizes the journey from concept to reality for customers and their businesses.

The company is a certified HP Digital Manufacturing Partner (DMP) and recently added the HP 5420W printer that prints white, functional parts and a Stratasys FDM printer to its portfolio.

About A3D Manufacturing

A3D Manufacturing is the industry-certified 3D printing service provider for professional-grade manufacturing. It brings decades of experience in 3D printing technologies and materials to deliver an efficient and collaborative customer experience from prototype to production. Its highly-adaptable processes and precise standards guarantee customers the highest quality products on time, every time.

A3D Manufacturing specializes in creating custom plastic and metal components that cater to companies of all sizes. Its extensive capabilities encompass industrial-grade additive manufacturing and a range of finishing and post-processing options. It also excels in traditional manufacturing techniques, such as CNC, injection molding, urethane casting and sheet metal cutting and bending.

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Senior Vice President
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