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Tackle reverse engineering and inspection projects with professional 3D scanning services

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Accurate Designs Made Simple

Take advantage of millions of captured data points to help with your design needs

Utilizing the most accurate and broadly capable 3D scanning solution on the market, our team assists with reverse engineering and inspection applications.

3D scanning services include checking physical parts to CAD models, first article inspection, quality control, confirming fit of jigs/fixtures and reverse engineering.


An overview of the 3D scanning process

1. Send us pictures of your project with your quote request
2. We'll reach out if we need more information
3. Send us your parts
4. Our experts will 3D scan your part
5. We'll send you the new CAD files and can provide additional engineering services if modifications are needed


With 3D scanning technology, creating digital products has never been easier

Many companies encounter old parts and end-of-life products that are not digitized.

That's where 3D scanning comes in.

Whether you're needing to recreate a missing CAD file or create a complementary design, 3D scanning can save you the hassle of starting from scratch.


Gain answers to common questions about the 3D scanning process.

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