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Injection Molding Services

A reliable and repeatable way to produce high-volume, high-performance parts for your unique needs
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injection molding services

Tooling and Injection Molding

Meet your production needs with injection molding

If you’re looking for high volume production, injection molding may be the manufacturing process for you.

This traditional method creates high quality end-use parts with versatile materials – all in a repeatable process.

Whether you need low-volume prototype tools or hardened steel production tools, or need additional add-ons for challenging geometries, our knowledgeable tooling engineers can help.

How Injection Molding Works

It all begins with a CNC machined tool or mold.

Our experts manufacture a mold from your CAD part and drawing files that leaves a cavity where the part will be injected. The injection mold machine then injects heated material pellets into your mold at a high speed and pressure.

The mold separates, leaving an injection-molded part. This process can be repeated for thousands of cycles.

injection molding services
injection molding tooling services

Explore Popular Uses for Injection Molding

  • High volume production
  • Medical
  • Consumer goods and electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Technical Specifications

Injection Molding
Lead Times
Typically two to four weeks, but is dependent on your project.
Standard Accuracy
Tolerances of +/-0.005 in, but critical or small features can be held much tighter.
Typical Order Volume
0-1,000,000 units.
Rigid Material Options
ABS, PC/ABS, Acetal, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon, PEEK, PEI, PETG, Polypropylene, Glass Filled Nylon
Flexible Material Options
Silicone, TPU

Frequently Asked Questions

What finishes can be applied?

You can specify a wide variety of surface finishes including SPI and Mold Tech standards.

You can also provide Pantone or RAL color codes to tint or paint parts.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for injection molding?

We do not have a minimum quantity.

Can you help finalize injection molding designs?
Yes, depending on the extent of the adjustments needed. Our tooling team can provide pointers for changes, and our design and engineering team can be utilized to perform larger changes.