Unlocking Medical Device Innovations

Unlocking Medical Device Innovations Webinar

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The world of manufacturing medical devices has evolved, and 3D printing is the answer. Strained production lines, customization demand, and fragile supply chains are some of today’s many challenges in manufacturing medical devices. Stay ahead of the curve and discover how we’re providing solutions to these business-critical issues and making impacts across the medical industry with 3D printing. From medical equipment to complex surgical tools, we’ll discuss case studies that are revolutionizing the production of medical devices and how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way medical devices are designed and manufactured.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, engineer, or additive manufacturing enthusiast, watch as experts from A3D and HP dive into the world of medical device innovations.

Key Topics

Learn about a wide range of topics from our expert speakers, including:

  1. The latest innovations in materials for medical device production.
  2. The critical role biocompatibility and sterilization processes play in healthcare.
  3. The ROI and benefits of additive manufacturing versus traditional manufacturing.
  4. Case studies showcasing the successful implementation of 3D printing in the healthcare industry.
  5. The impact of 3D printing on lead times, performance, and cost-effectiveness.
  6. The advantages and customization potential of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.
  7. An insightful Q&A at the end that covers questions about production time, materials, and more!


Dakotah Simonds – Partner Success Manager, A3D
Austin Shaffer – Applications Engineer, A3D
David Johnson – Applications Engineer, HP

Who Should Watch

This webinar is ideal for:

– Engineers and designers interested in leveraging 3D printing for medical applications.

– Manufacturers looking to enhance their capabilities and explore new opportunities.

– Healthcare professionals seeking insights into the future of medical device manufacturing.

– Anyone curious about the transformative power of additive manufacturing in healthcare.

Don’t miss out on these latest developments in the medical landscape today. Grab your favorite beverage and discover for yourself where ideas take shape.

Watch here:

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