Interlink Engineering and A3D Manufacturing: Partners in Production 

Interlink Engineering and A3D Manufacturing: Partners in Production For the last 20 years, Interlink Engineering has provided clients with a complete engineering solution on-demand. They offer design, analysis, prototyping, and product process development. “It could be individuals, inventors and stuff off the street, or companies,” Dylan Pratt, Owner and Director of Engineering at Interlink Engineering […]

Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing: The A3D Manufacturing Edge

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Why Does Quality Assurance Matter in 3D Printing? Producing high-quality 3D parts that are precise and quality-assured does not happen by accident. It calls for attention to detail and qualified expertise in additive manufacturing software and hardware systems and tools — which requires time, education, and commitment. Since its inception, 3D printing has been a […]

Achieving Precision: The Key to High-Quality 3D Printed Parts

Precision — the Devil is in the Details When you’re in the business of making things — precision matters. For brands like Lego, an inaccurate part could mean you’re missing the final piece to complete your four-hundred-dollar Star Wars Deathstar replica. It’s not exactly a life and death situation, but it’s not, like, ideal. For […]